Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

The best thing about celebrating the New Year is getting together with the people that matter most. Ringing in 2009 was so much fun. My beautiful, darling best friend Melissa Camille Johnson got engaged to Tyler Jensen on December 31. I was at work when she called me with the good news. I screamed and nearly fell out of my chair!
So that night, Russell and I drove to American Fork and had a great time partying at Melissa's house and celebrating the engagement with her family.

I met Melissa when I was ten. Throughout the years of stealing each others' Barbie furniture, scooters, "modeling" in our church dresses and our moms' makeup, 5-7-9, Beanie Babies, Limited Too, Girls Camp, matching sweatshirts, "Best Friend" necklaces, scrapbooking, and PB and Js, she has been my biggest fan, a great listener, a shoulder to cry on, and a more wonderful friend than I could ever hope to deserve.
I love you Melissa and I wish you the best in wedding planning!
On another note...a brand new semester starts tomorrow. I am so excited for new classes. Russell starts classes at UVU on Wednesday. We are grateful for Pell Grants to pay for our education.
I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year celebration! Bring on 2009!!