Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes, Recently

I'm not sure how many people have actually noticed that I have cleverly avoided uploading any real pictures of us for about two months now. I have no more excuses, since my parents gave me a beautiful new camera for my birthday AND....spring classes are over! I just finished my last final today. I have my life back! I am really excited about not being in school for the next two months. It will be nice to work full time. Russell has two jobs as well, so we are staying busy.
Here are some pictures illustrating what we've been doing for the last little while:
We recently discovered the Provo River Trail and we love going on walks there.
Russell loves throwing sticks in the water.
My husband is eight.
We went to Lagoon with my family. Which is more fun to think about than actually do. Haha!
I guess I am getting old, since all the rides make me totally seasick.
Here we are waving awkwardly from the Jet Star.
I got jellylegs and whiplash but it was fun for old time's sake.
This is Emma on my favorite ride! The fact that it's in Kiddieland doesn't mean anything.
We sat in these fish carousels and they went around in a circle and water squirted at you from sharks and whales on the sides.
Russ and I were at home when we heard the ice cream truck driving through our street!
Obviously we ransacked our house for quarters and ran outside. We decided to get the ninja turtle popsicle - and then we were dying of laughter because of its lopsided gumball eyes.
Russell held the ninja turtle so it was peeking over my shoulder.
I have no idea why this was so funny, but make sure you
marry somebody that can make you laugh all the time.
My best friend Melissa got married to Tyler on June 6th! Russell and I were able to go to the sealing at the Salt Lake Temple. It was a beautiful day. I am so happy for her!
Her reception at Highland Gardens was gorgeous! There were plants and streams everywhere.
It was fun to be a bridesmaid.
I love weddings, because they make me remember our own special day.
I love this boy. I love that we're together forever.
I hope everybody is enjoying the summer as much as we are.