Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Happenings

1. The Injury

I let one of my students borrow my red pen. 
When he was done, I told him to throw it to me. Bad one. He chucked it like a tomahawk and it hit me in the face. 
I tried to laugh and play it off, but my face and pride were suffering.

2. The Trip to Gardner Village

To celebrate my mom's and grandma's birthdays, we went to Gardner Village.
It's full of cute Halloween decorations, trendy boutiques of scarves and quilts, and cranky babies in strollers.
It was a beautiful day to walk around and window shop.

3. The Colors

Too lazy to drive the entire Alpine Loop but wanting to see the changing leaves before they disappeared, we drove instead through some richie neighborhood in the mountains and gawked at the beautiful fall colors in someone's backyard. 
Their driveway and wall are visible in these pictures. Ha.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sweet Finds

Dress: $22
Tweed blazer: $16
Leather Italian shoes: $24
Bow tie: $7

What do we learn from the photos?
1. We had a lucky day of good finds from our favorite thrift store Decades
2. I still put clothes on backwards (only found out after three hours of church today
that the buttons are supposed to go in the front)
3. Russ has a rather large cold sore that hopefully goes away soon
4. He gets fussy when I make him take pictures with me
5. We have dirt and weeds instead of a front lawn
6. I cut my hair!