Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cat's Out of the Bag

Notice anything different?

Neither do I, not really yet.

Nevertheless, there IS a baby in there - one that will make his or her appearance at the end of September!

My most favorite things about being pregnant:

1) My students' reactions. Their reaction to the news was just as elated, if not more so, than my own family. They ask me every day how le bébé is doing. They want to know how big he/she is and if I'm still feeling sick. They are currently offering endless suggestions of names. Any time they get a bit rowdy, I shut them up real quick by clutching my stomach dramatically and crying out, "your disruption and noise are so stressful on the baby. Since this effects development, if you keep it up, it could be born with only seven toes." 

2) Being pregnant is my excuse for everything - not wanting to go grocery shopping, being late to anything, taking three hour naps after school, eating too many Bagel Bites, and acting crabby. If anyone comments on my generally sluglike lifestyle as of late, response is always something like "Excuse me, I built a brain today. What do YOU have to show for yourself?"

3) Walking into any store and, having lost all interest in buying clothes for myself, making a beeline for the baby department and cooing over all the teeny tiny things. 

4) Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night to find Russell next to me, bathed in the light of the laptop. He'd been up for hours researching the best kinds of jogging strollers and those cute little carriages that attach to the back of a bike.

My most unfavorite things about being pregnant:

1) I am so tired. While I understand that my body is working extra hard to build and sustain a tiny life, it is frustrating to not be able to do normal things during the day because I need a four-hour nap.

2) Intensified aversion to food and smells. It's always sad when Russell makes a special effort and spends a lot of time to make us a good meal, like breakfast burritos, only to result in my gagging at the sight and smell of them, high-tailing it upstairs, and yelling from my bed for him to bring up some pears and cucumbers.

3) Throwing up in terrible places. To name a few: driving in the car on the freeway; in the (luckily) abandoned kitchen of our ward building during a Mutual activity; and worst of all, in my classroom, during first period. Those poor kids.