Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mobile Pictures

My cell phone is going the way of the world. It's as old as our marriage - two and a half years old. Recently, the screen is going crazy and turning all the text upside down and flipping it right to left. It makes it impossible to see if I have texts or voicemails. Right now, however, is a rare moment where it has returned back to normal. I don't know how long this will last, but before I lose them forever, I thought I'd upload some pictures. Here they are, in no particular order.

From an air mattress box. Sleep soundly on a crisp Belgian waffle.

At Nordstrom Rack, trying to find a new outfit. Russ was helpful and found me the perfect one. When he held it up to me he said, "Just close your eyes and picture...Friday night, just got paid. Now open your eyes."

At the craft store. Any small animal wearing an Easter bonnet is a perfect recipe for hilarity.

Last summer when I taught reading, one of my 7-year-olds stayed late after class, waiting for her mom to pick her up. Russ came to get me and entertained her by drawing on the board. He drew all kinds of animals for her and she said she wanted to draw a lion. This is what she drew and we thought it was precious.

Midvale Middle. I took this picture right after my first interview.

My new haircut, sitting in the weird ugly chair that came with our first apartment.

A nightly occurrence: Russ rubbing my feet while he watches ESPN.

My good friend Alli's little Evie. She's a lot older now but I loved her squishy cheeks when she was a babe.

Probably the worst picture ever taken of either of us.

Beautiful BYU campus in the fall.

My coworker Craig smashed his face into one of these things and then stuck a chocolate Kiss in there too. Weird.

I absolutely love finding smiley faces in weird places, like the top of a toilet paper dispenser.

My favorite picture EVER. Russ loved the Easter aisle at the grocery store, and became especially attached to this little guy. I think he would have bought him if I hadn't objected.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Les Misérables

Just finished watching this musical with my French III class.
Loved every second of it, even though I've seen it a thousand times before.
My favorite time I saw it was in London with Russell.
Sobbed like an infant. Then and again today. And every other time.
I can't watch it without getting emotional.
I don't care that my students think I'm a weirdo.
Now I have to see it live at the Capitol Theater this summer.
Have to, have to, have to.
No more buying Girl Scout Cookies and cardigans.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

America is My Country, but Paris is My Hometown

I can't even tell you how delighted I am to be going back.
With my love.
To the place where we fell in love.
In six weeks.
Never mind that the only food we'll be eating between now and then is tree bark.
It's totally worth it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I recently acquired this gem from D.I. At least, I think it's a gem. When I wear it I try to convince myself I look like this Burberry model:

But sometimes I second guess myself and think I look like sort of a weirdo:
And other times, when things get really bad, I feel like my long skirt makes me look like a pioneer woman:
And for some reason, these pictures are doing little to comfort me.