Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grandpa Frayne

My Grandpa Frayne passed away on Fathers' Day. 
When I was little, he'd come to my house every morning to spend time with me.
He taught me all kinds of silly songs that I loved to sing with him.
He'd wrap a pillow around the bar of his bike and we'd ride together over the "clink-clinks."
He took me to the park and we rode on the "white lamb" and the "brown dog."
He never missed one of my piano recitals school plays or choir concerts.
When I was at BYU, he came and went bowling with me.
Before I left on my study abroad, he said, "Now, don't get mixed up with Pierre or Jean-Claude."
He'd always say, "What kind of a kid are you?" and I'd always say, "Just Aub."
I felt so special and loved by him, even though he had 24 other grandchildren.
He made me want to be kinder and more gentle.
I adore my Grandpa and I miss him terribly.
I'm thankful for the knowledge I have that I will see him again.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The End

Yesterday was the last day of school.
My classroom is scrubbed clean and completely empty. My voice echoes in it.
I cried as all the ninth graders raced out of the building into the sunshine, never to come back.
This year was full of new experiences, some horrible and some delightful.
I already have big plans for how to make my second year a million times better than my first.

Some jewels from my yearbook:

"Madame Lee! You are my role model and I love you."
"I'm sorry I was so loud and disruptive, but I think it was for the best."
"Thanks for all the funny stories. My favorite was when you told about throwing up in the Frankfurt airport, or maybe Russell choking on his wedding ring."
"You are my favorite teacher with your hair and your clothes and your fun attitude."
"I will miss you next year. You are my favorit teacher in the skool."
"Thank you for not taking away my iPod. Have fun this summer with stupid Russell."

What's next for me?
I will spend this summer jogging, laying by the pool, reading, and maybe a little cooking.
It's going to be glorious.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gabe + Ellen

Russell's best friend Gabe got married on June 1st. 
To one of the most awesome girls I've ever met.
Gabe and Ellen completely deserve each other.
This day meant as much to us as it did to them.