Saturday, May 23, 2009


Haha! Russ and I went to see Star Trek at the movie theater last night. The real movie theater where they have stadium seating and cushy chairs with a removable armrest and floors not covered with a layer of root beer, not the nasty dollar one. By the way, Melissa, thanks for the giftcard, you are a gem! Personally, I would have chosen 17 Again, but I was trying to appease Russ. Unfortunately, it was the nerdiest movie either of us has ever seen in our lives... normal people going to bars with gross, creepy-looking aliens (Russ said one of them had a face that looked like a moldy piece of bread), Captain Kirk thinking he's so smooth and cool he can eat an apple annoyingly while trying to command the U.S.S. Enterprise, planets being sucked through black holes (Russ liked that part actually), and bad guys with tattooed faces and said crappy lines like "You let the enemy steal our starcraft? I'm so angry right now! Get it back!!!"

I will admit, I developed a small inexplicable crush on Spock. Good thing, since he really looks like this. I knew I had good judgment.
Nerdy movie, but good for some laughs. Only go see this movie with someone hilarious, so you can laugh about it the whole time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Mama

Mother's Day was yesterday, and I want to take a minute to tell the world how much I love my mother.
Mom, I love you because you are always there for me and you give great advice. I love calling you in the middle of the day just to chat.
I love you because you have always pushed me and encouraged me to be my very best self. I know I can achieve anything I want to because you believe in me.
I love you because you suffered with me through those awkward teenage years where I had acne, a temper, and occasional emotional breakdowns.
I love you because you have faith when I don't. I'll call you and say, "I lost my wallet and I need you to pray that I'll find it, because I'm too mad to do it." Your faith is always enough. You pray, I find it, and my testimony increases.
I love you because you look for the good in everyone. I have never heard you saying anything negative about anyone. Gossip stops with you.
I love you because you are the most selfless person I know. You are always thinking about others before yourself.
I will consider myself very lucky if I can become half the person you are. You are the best friend I could ask for and I'm so glad you are mine. I wish everyone had a mother like you. Happy Mother's Day.