Monday, November 23, 2009

Life Is So Good Right Now

I saw New Moon on Thursday night at 12:45 A.M. What a joy. I did not go with Russell. If you read the post below, you'll know why. When I throw all my scruples and judgment and intellect to the wind, I actually enjoy these movies quite a bit. This one did not disappoint. My favorite part was driving to the theater with Ellen and seeing all the obsessed Twilight teens wearing cheap vampire makeup and eating Cheetos while wrapped up like burritos in their down comforters and laying in the parking lot. Some had been there for HOURS. Come on, people.

I think all my raving about shirtless Native Americans this weekend was starting to perturb Russell. He went to the gym on Saturday and worked out so hard he threw out his back. What is he, 65? Okay, actually he just pulled a muscle. He spent the whole morning yesterday lying flat on his back while I nursed him back to health with Ibuoprofen and hot water bottles. Luckily he is back to his spry and chipper self. And don't worry, I'd take him over any werewolf, any day.

This past weekend we played with both the Logan Lees and the American Fork Allenbachs. We went to Audrey's high school play. She had a solo and was fabulous. We ate yummy food and braved a snowstorm. I don't know if I'm ready for snow, but it's definitely beautiful. We went to my cousin Wade's wedding reception. Mazel tov. I watched Groundhog Day for the first time. We played Balderdash, that dictionary game. My favorite made-up definition: "Muntjac: a rare condition which causes the feet to corrode into a fine powder" (written by Daniel). Or maybe "Lekvar: A springboard mink trap used by fur traders" (written by my dad). Or maybe "Serry: A disease leading to the rapid yellowing and pickling of the liver" (written by Katie). Hilarious.

It's official. We're moving. It all happened so fast. We listed it online and within a day or two, an engaged couple came to see our apartment and then bought the contract. We're leaving right before Christmas and moving in with my Nana who has generously offered her basement to us. Along with a bedroom and tons of storage space, there's a piano and a fireplace and a huge plasma screen TV and a pool table. How could we refuse?

We're spending Thanksgiving at my uncle's house in Midway. It's nestled in the mountains and definitely has that "over the river and through the woods" feel to it. I can't wait to visit with my extended family and play games and eat myself into a food coma.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sometimes, Russell will go to the gym at night. I don't like being left alone, especially when it's dark out. I don't like the quiet and stillness that sets in. It makes me nervous. So I turn on the television for company while I do homework or pilates.
A few nights ago I watched "The Chronicles of Narnia" while Russell was gone. I love this movie. I have crushes on both Peter and Edmund (never mind that neither of them is older than 15 probably) and I love Aslan the lion and the whole Christian allegory. I try to forget that that creepy goat man with weird patches of hair all over his bare back is James McAvoy.
Russell came home right in the intense battle scene and started making all sorts of comments like, "I bet the guy in the yak suit thinks doing this movie was a huge mistake...I bet he never admits to his friends that he's in this movie" and "Wow...James McAvoy...really?" and "Is that beaver seriously wearing chain mail?" Of course I refused to answer him. But yes, if you must know, that beaver was wearing chain mail. It's a battle after all. And then Lucy started going around and healing people with her little bottle of medicine and Russell was like, "Where did she even get that?" And I said, "Santa Claus came to Narnia and gave it to her, remember?" And he just stared at me.
Moral of the story: If your husband is realistic and practical like mine, and what you are watching might be mocked relentlessly, wait by the window to see when he gets home so you can quickly change it to something age-appropriate.