Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goodbye February

Hello March! Where did February go?

We learned that Graham looks hilarious in a turban.

We started doing a bedtime routine (bath, lotion, books, singing) and sleep training.

We had great fun at the Leonardo museum.

Graham watched (and loved) Baby Mozart.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a pervert 'stache and dinner at Olive Garden.

Graham learned a new trick; we call it the Kim Chee squat.

He also learned how to turn around in his Bumbo and knock over the box of cereal.

He loved wearing stripes just like Mom. 

He wore these overalls for the first and last time. They are already too small because he is growing like a weed.


mj said...

Graham should win an award for being so cute. Bri and I especially love him loving baby Mozart.

Also you and Russ look so cool. You should be a model.

Audrey said...

Graham is sooo cute. It's killing me. Love you all

Diane said...

Thanks for the Graham fix. SUPER CUTE. We all said last night we need more Graham time.

spencer orton said...

I love him.
miss you guys.

spencer orton said...

its sara......

byufish said...

I'm soooo in need of a Graham, Aubrey and Russ fix. Where are you this weekend? Saturday? Sunday?

Linda J said...

I am also in need of a Russ, Aubrey and Graham fix so I think you should come see us in June with some of the other Lees. I am sure all the grandparents would also LOVE to see them! Please come - I can almost guarantee the snow will be gone:)

allison said...

Ah! He is so adorable. You are looking fabulous yourself and Russ, what a perve. JK! I just read this note in my journal that you wrote to me before we went home from France and I was laughing out loud and wanting to cry at the same time because I miss you crazy lady! Anyways, you all look so great. And I laughed seeing the leaning tower of pisa books on your nightstand. Or maybe it was Russ's, but either way, it's one impressive pile of books.

L.R.L said...

Graham is perfect, completely and totally perfect. I need to play with this boy. He and Elliot need to stare at each other.

Lets get together, we miss you guys!

p.s. you all look beautiful

Jared Gardner said...

Bonjour, Madame Lee! C'est moi, Claire! Graham is so CUTE!!!! I really miss you- you should come to La Caille on May 2nd with Russell and Graham!