Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello February

Am I the only one that is not sad to say goodbye to January? Christmas over, dark and dreary mornings, icy roads and failed resolutions.

I set impossibly high goals (like no eating sweets EVER and writing in my journal EVERY WEEK and finishing Les Misérables IN A MONTH) and, starting about January 7th, began actively rebelling against them like a sullen teenager against a curfew. I became depressed when I fell short, and decided if I couldn't be perfect, I might as well ignore my journal, scroll Instagram instead of picking up Les Misérables, and eat an entire package of Cool Mint Oreos. Bad ideas.

But now February is here, and I have adjusted my expectations and gotten back on track. I am exercising and eating (mostly) healthy and reading my scriptures (and Les Mis - slowly but surely). I love playing with Graham every day, and cleaning and organizing when he's asleep. When the sun is out, I put him in his snowsuit and we go for walks.

Graham is four months old. What a darling age. He is fifteen pounds and has a wonderful double chin. He rolls over and kicks wildly in the bathtub. He loves to put everything in his mouth. He smiles and coos at everyone. He is learning to sleep by himself in his crib. I wish I could keep him in my bed with me every night, but someday he's going to be ten years old and things could get weird if we stayed on that trajectory.


mj said...


Aubrey! You sullen teenager. I can't believe you rebelled and didn't just read Les Mis in a week. ha ha. I love you and i am loving our more and more frequent phone chats.

Thanks for putting a pic of the whole fan. You guys look so perfect and your hair is getting long!

allison said...

This last picture just kills me, oh my he is too cute! I laughed at all of your "failed" resolutions because that paragraph was like reading something out of my own journal (ha Not! I haven't been writing in my journal either as planned! I guess you'd have to read it in my brain). I even had the goal of reading Les Mis! C'est domage. Did I even spell that right? Now I'm going on and on but I love seeing what you're up to, miss you! xo!